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Battlestar Galactica Razor

Have I mentioned that I CANNOT WAIT for this to air? I’ve been BSG-less for far, far too long. Oh, and if anyone out there is taking note, I would absolutely love to have any and all of the BSG dvd’s for Christmas… Santa? You listening?

Battlestar Galactica

I just finished watching all of the little flashback episodes on the SciFi website, and they so got me right into the BSG mood. Old-school Cylons, a creepy secret lab with a project involving human experimentation (gee what could it be?), young Adama’s first combat flight – all awesome. Nico Cortez is completely believable as young Bill Adama, I’m not sure if it’s the actor’s ability to mimic Olmos’s facial expressions or if they really do look that much alike, but honestly I think that Nico would have been a perfect choice to play one of the Adama sons if things had worked out differently in the beginning of the series (sorry Jamie B.!).

nico cortez

The few episodes I managed to stomach of Bionic Woman have made me really miss Battlestar, Katee Sackhoff is a remarkable actress and I enjoyed every second of her time on screen. If they had found a way for her to star in every storyline then the show would have held my interest, no question. Hopefully the WGA strike will be resolved equitably and quickly, I read that production on BSG season 4 was supposed to continue through March and that it will instead be coming to a halt soon if it hasn’t already. This is not good news people, Scifi has already jacked with the last season by timing it weird and possibly splitting it up, and I just couldn’t handle it not happening at all. There might be a nervous breakdown of some sort, and my poor dog doesn’t want to witness that.

This weekend will see me happily ensconced at a friend’s house watching Razor, be assured that I will present my full report here. So say we all!


supporting the wga, geek style

wga logoThe networks and the WGA currently hold our Hollywood (so most if not all) entertainment future in their hands, and honestly they need to hurry up and make a deal already. The writers are not getting a fair deal and the networks should absolutely be paying them when what they write is shown, even if what they make from ad revenue is less than what it costs them to stream the video, because really as more people start gravitating to the internet as their primary form of entertainment (raises hand) they will be able to charge more for those ads, and even place more of them. It only makes sense, and as much as I hate commercials I would be willing to suffer a couple in return for the ability to watch the stuff I like when and where I want to.

I had actually planned to write a post comparing my experiences on the various network sites since my free TV choices are illegal downloads and legal crappy streaming video, but in order to do that I have to watch videos and give the networks ad dollars, which right now seems kind of a not nice thing to do, so it will have to wait.

This guilt is kind of ironic, because as anyone who reads this is probably aware, I am very familiar with the concept of BitTorrent and use my knowledge well and often. It’s easy, it’s free, and there are no ridiculous commercials. It’s only recently that network sites have gotten a little better and made the online experience even close to worth the hassle, and I started watching some stuff on those sites because I felt it was fair that they received some sort of compensation for their content and it was slightly easier though more annoying than torrenting – and there is no frakking way I’m paying 2 dollars an episode for a DRM’d video from iTunes or wherever when I can wait and get the DVD with nifty special features for much less. Does that make economic sense to anyone alive? I think not, especially since popular shows are getting released very, very quickly these days.

So in support of the writers I am going to stage a boycott in my own way – until they are getting paid for their work I am going to utilize the free method available to me that gains the networks zero dollars: BitTorrent. That’s right, until the strike is resolved I am going to download each and every thing that I choose to watch. Protesting, geek style. Go WGA! If you want to show your support then sign the support petition, and if you need to then go and check out the beginner’s guide to bitTorrent over at Lifehacker. They have a number of helpful articles on the topic but that should be enough to get you going.

Here is a video of some of the crew from The Office on the line.

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