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First: a new take on an old joke in support of the WGA strike.

all your ratings

I hear that talks are set to resume after thanksgiving, so WTG, WGA!

Second: Plastic!Winchesters.

I’ve been watching Supernatural for months now and have only just realized the existence of this genius fan produced series of episodic stories starring Plastic!Sam and Plastic!Dean Winchester played by Ken dolls. The episodes (at least the 16 or so I’ve read so far) are all photographed on the top of a cat scratch-post thingy and are complete with celebrity action figure cameos, tiny props, and hand-drawn backgrounds. If you have seen this show at all you owe it to yourself to check the little plastic guys out.

Plastic!Sam gets some advice from Mulder and Scully.

plastic sam1

mulder and scully

The plastic!Winchesters get into the holiday spirit with the help of the Abominable Snowman.

holiday high five


10 or 13 ways in which the x-files movie can make me a very happy geek girl

The X-Files

  1. Lots of Mulder/Scully arguing, preferably over whether or not something has supernatural origin. This argument needs to take place near a slide projector in a dark depressing room.
  2. No frakking bees.
  3. Krycek.
  4. Be written by or in the style of Darin Morgan. (Cool article about Darin.)
  5. Krycek.krycek
  6. John Doggett and Monica Reyes are eaten by the chupacabra. In fact, the aliens cause a temporal rift and seasons 8 and 9 never happened at all. This includes the magic alien baby and any confirmation of the M/S relationship, allowing all the fun sexual tension back into the equation.
  7. Someone needs to switch bodies with someone else at least once.
  8. Krycek.
  9. Dress M and S in the FBI jackets from the first movie again, that was fun.
  10. Mulder loses a hand in a big fight with the mysterious CSM, and ends up finding out that his real father is the big bad dude before he saves the universe from evil. Chris Carter decides to end the series there and pays the mafia to murder anyone who even thinks about creating a prequel, including him.
  11. A dream/hallucination sequence in which mulder and/or scully don’t realize they are dreaming.
  12. Samantha comes back for real, I don’t buy the whole rescued by benevolent spirits thing… though that storyline did go on and on and cause lots of angsting, and Mulder will be busy angsting about his missing hand, so scratch that.
  13. Did I mention I like Krycek?

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