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in memory of fernando

There are three kinds of people in any crisis – those who freak out, those who calmly do what needs to be done, and those who completely check out of the situation and leave the problem solving to others. I am fairly certain I fall somewhere between the second two categories, as I discovered during a mini domestic crisis this morning.

I was happily working away at a craft project while watching a movie with my friend when I happened to look into my backyard and spot my roommates dog playing with something – something that was alive. I quickly discovered that it was a squirrel which I can only assume she somehow managed to catch, which is an impressive feat for a dog. As I went out to try and rescue the poor thing I saw that its back was probably broken, it could only move its front feet – which it was doing quite well, I had to chase the poor thing to catch it while my friend held the dog back. We managed to get it into an empty flower pot and then brought it inside to keep it safe from the dog. This was the part where I was calm and got the job done, but what had to be done next I did not have the stomach for. He looked so cute and scared and helpless that I accidentally named him Fernando, and then there really was no way I was dispatching the poor rodent (or whatever they are, it looked ratty to me).

Thankfully I have a friend at work who is a country boy from Texas, and he was sweet enough to take time out from watching his Cowboys play football to come over to my house and take care of Fernando. I don’t know what he did specifically, but I do know I owe him a big favor! I have no idea what I would have done otherwise, I guess I could have taken Fernando to the vet but I don’t even know where to find one open on Sunday, and it was obvious that he was in pain. I really hope that the stupid dog doesn’t catch any more neighborhood animals, I’m not sure hiring hit men is to my taste. Maybe I’ll start lacing the neighbor’s yards with nuts and seeds so the squirrels and birds won’t like ours any more. That sounds more fun than rescuing (and murdering) squirrels.

The rest of the day was fun, we nibbled on leftovers and worked on projects and went fabric shopping. I was much more domestic than geeky this weekend, but I have some project ideas that will combine the two sides of my personality…


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