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Highlander:The Source wins the battle, but the war isn’t over

I started working on my recap/review of Highlander:The Source last night, after fortifying myself with a glass of wine (or a couple). Two chocolate martinis and 2,000 words later, I’d made it 15 minutes into the 90 minute film. Folks, this project may kill me. I suppose I could lay off the snark a bit and just write an abbreviated recap, but I just don’t see how that kind of inattention to detail would do this classic movie justice. I took some time off tonight (I’m reading “Stardust” again to let the power of the Gaiman heal my wounded soul), but tomorrow is a new day, and I won a bottle of shiraz in our office dirty santa exchange!

highlander the source

The first part is high on exposition and low on Adrian, so I’m thinking it will get easier. Gods I hope it will, otherwise the mushroom cloud caused by the meltdown of my brain will be viewable around the globe.


stardust cover

Different topic: I love how the lion in “Stardust” purrs like an earthquake. Too bad that scene got cut from the movie – if you haven’t read the book you are missing a lot of lovely little bits like that, though I will admit that the Captain in the movie version is much more entertaining – and if you haven’t seen the movie, then shame on you! It runs laps around the current box office fantasy winner Enchanted.

To demonstrate:

Stardust trailer

Enchanted trailer

I’m sorry, that just looks mind-numbing to me. Hold the frilly dress and cheesy music and give me some Beowulf style gore or a snarky fallen star instead please!



Loved it, loved Kendra Shaw’s character, loved how the story was told so that we got some of the characters we know and love as well as some new ones, loved how they finally acknowledged the existence of homosexuality since they’ve tackled practically every other social issue.

Back to work tomorrow, good times.

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