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beastly blogging blunders

It has been a true Monday – I swear I felt the cloud following me around all day long. Work was painful to say the least – mistakes that draw the attention of multiple people who are at a higher level than you are are never fun, and I dislike having to spend time putting out fires or answering inane questions when I could be working on something more useful. I know it all goes toward the success of the company, but I am a programmer because I like to code, not because I like to sit in meetings or try to figure out how the server got jacked up. Also, my shoes hurt my feet. Remember folks, just because they are cute does not mean you should buy them, make sure there is at least a minimum of comfort present as well!

Since I am at risk of turning this into one of those depressing posts that no one wants to read, I will instead give you a list of posts that I never want to read. Since I read a lot of blogs I use a feed reader to aggregate them, and I almost never get caught up. There are a few types of blog posts that I have learned to recognize on sight, mark as read, and move right along. If you want me to read your content then please don’t do the following:

  • Post a poem or song lyrics. If I wanted to hear lyrics I would actually play the song, and really how hard is it to find the youTube video and embed or link to it? If you really feel the lyrics of a certain song are the only possible way to express your feelings, please just quote one or two of the most relevant lines and then move on to some real content.
  • Forget to add any white space. Take a look at any book, magazine, poster, website, etc. They all have white space because your brain cannot handle a page completely full of text without wanting to kill your eyes and take a vacation. My attention span is limited, so give me small bits of text to deal with. They are called paragraphs, please look into it.
  • Only put part of your content in your RSS or Atom feed. The only excuse for this is being desperate for whatever ad revenue you get when I click over to your site – but really, if you need the money that much then find a way to embed the ad in your feed and give me the content where I want it! There is no blog so exciting that I will click through, I’ll always find something else to entertain me.
  • Post about the weather or about how bad traffic is in whatever city you live in. Some writers manage to make these topics interesting, but it is almost always by weaving an actual narrative on these themes rather than just straight-up reporting. I don’t care if it’s raining in Cleveland unless it is an intrinsic part of an interesting story, and unless you make it so I’ll be moving right along. Ditto on complaining about how tired you are.
  • Post about how you are too busy to post. For crying out loud, if you are too busy (and this is assuming you don’t have legions of fans sending you distraught e-mails) then please just don’t bother.

I know I have been guilty of many of these to varying degrees, but generally I bore even myself – sorry if you’ve been a victim of my bad blogging practices – but hey, at least I’m posting at all right?

I leave you with a fun music video starring a dancing robot. I’ll let you work out the lyrics for yourselves.


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