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Work is kicking my butt lately but I have a breather for a little while so I’ll just catch you up on things, shall I?

  • I spent the entire weekend sewing Christmas presents – managed to get 3 and 1/2 finished, just a couple more to go and I’ll be quite pleased. My favorite so far is made of a repurposed Ikea pillowcase that I got at a thrift store, I’ll have to post a picture once the season has passed and the possibility of spoilers has ended. I also made orders from Threadless and ThinkGeek, so far my goal of staying away from the malls and the shopping madness has been easy to attain, unless you count my visit to the mega-bookstore – which I don’t, because I go there all the time anyway.
  • While I was sewing I listened to Naomi Novik’s His Majesty’s Dragon on my iPod – there’s nothing like an audiobook to keep you from getting bored or distracted when you have a manual task to do – I don’t know how I ever cleaned my house before I got my iPod. I barely do it now. Anyway, I really enjoyed the book – normally I like neither dragon stories (Eragon, Puff the Magic Dragon, Reign of Fire) or navy/ship stories (any navy or ship story), yet this one somehow manages to combine both into something fresh and new that kept me surprised throughout. Highly recommended.
  • During my other projects I took time out here and there to watch Flight of the Conchords. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this show is frakking HILARIOUS. Watch it, watch it, watch it.
  • Folks, I have had a breakthrough. For a while I was teetering on the edge of 100% nerdiness, but you’ll be relieved to hear that I have finally overbalanced and plunged right over. The last things left to me? Getting into comic books and becoming addicted to video games. The comic book love finally happened when I got addicted to Y the Last Man, and I fully intend to get into the Buffy, Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica comics. Yes I know that those are mostly based on television, but it’s a gateway right? Any suggestions will be appreciated.As for video games, I have spent several hours (when not working, sewing, or watching Flight of the Conchords) over the last week playing Portal. There are several reasons why I am not normally into gaming which are worthy of a blog post in their own right, but suffice it to say I dislike games where the point is to kill things and I dislike games that are so hard you either have to play for 10 years or be a Hawking brain-alike. I’m not dumb but neither am I a genius, and I do not find frustration to be at all entertaining. Portal fits into my narrow gaming requirements quite nicely, and the script for the computer character has a dark humor that I quite enjoy. This video is the reason I got into the game at all – I saw it posted around on a few blogs and it became ingrained in my brain. This is actually the end credits of the game, which is a song written by the awesome Jonathan Coulton and voiced by the computer character.Catchy, no? Anyway, after listening about eleventy-billion times I decided to research what the game was all about. Basically your character wakes up in a deserted complex and is presented with a series of tasks/puzzles to complete during which you may or may not die, all in order to test the function of a unique gun – it creates portals on just about any surface, and you get to chose where the entrance and exit are, like a wormhole. This leads to cool stuff like following yourself around and around in a loop, or placing one end of the portal high on a wall and the other down a giant hole so you can build momentum while you fall into the lower one and then come out the upper end and shoot across a chasm. You’ll find yourself setting up all kinds of fun portals just to see what happens. And remember, the cake is a lie.
  • What else, what else. Hmmm…. I don’t know. Ok, here’s something – I’m thinking about what to make food-wise for christmas. So far I have truffles, shortbread cookies, toffee, and gingerbread men (with chocolate chip buttons, so cute). Thoughts?

baked squash and battlestar

This weekend has been nice so far – I have a friend spending the weekend with me so that we can work on some Christmas gifts, and we just finished saying goodbye to a large group of friends who came over for dinner. I served pomegranate with the cheese, crackers, etc. before dinner and almost no one had had it before which is pretty entertaining – it’s like nothing else, no? We had homemade elderflower wine (stronger than you would expect), pasta with sauteed veggies and marinara, french bread, baked acorn squash, salad with ginger pear dressing, and delicious homemade cookies and pumpkin curry cupcakes (delish!) for dessert.

The food was all very good, but the best part of the evening was finding some new people to watch Battlestar with! I used to watch it with the roommate but now that she’s a newlywed she’s busy doing her own thing (plus neither of us have cable so I would have to download it and then force myself to wait and watch it with her…). Anyway, these people are kind of second-hand friends – I tend to only hang out with them when our mutual acquaintance is in town – but I think our mutual love of Scifi will help build a stronger bond. I’ve been having a bit of a hard time finding people to hang out with lately since all my best friends are either newlyweds or hours away, so I’d like to make more friends. It does take me a long time to feel really comfortable with people which I hate but can do nothing about, but I’m willing to keep trying!

Happy Caturday everyone:)

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