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NoMoProMo (no more procrastination month)

Sweet jumping Jesus Hank Green wrote a song about me. I love the brothers Green, they represent all that is good, true and geeky in this world.

I laughed so hard watching this I scared my poor innocent dog. She doesn’t really care for loud obnoxious noises, but for once my catering to her canine tastes had to take a backseat so I could let my true feelings air.


News: I have purchased the domain for at least the next two years – I have vague ideas for fun things to put there (as well as possible coding projects that are currently floating around my brain), but for now it just redirects to this blog – which gives me much joy. I have my own little piece of the internet to call my own. 🙂


True Story: Last year at this time I decided I was going to participate in NaNoWriMo – regardless of the fact that I have never completed a piece of fiction which was longer than a few pages (and which wasn’t fan fiction, which NO Janell I am not letting you read, so there), have supremely mediocre writing ability, and had only the vaguest notions of a plot. I spent a few nights trying to look cool at the coffee shop tapping away at my laptop with my sleep banishing latte at my hand, and most importantly I bought the official t-shirt. Sadly all of my grand plans and dreams all came to an end in the great laptop incident of 2006-2007, which led directly to the epic battle of SGG versus the Dell repair dudes. Once evening I had been enjoying a rather large glass of merlot which was only partially finished. I was reading a book but my trusty computer was on the floor across the room, safe from any possible liquid related accident… or SO I THOUGHT. The temperance fairies managed to get me to knock the glass over causing wine to go splashing across the room and straight onto my poor computer’s keyboard. The damage looked minimal at first so I just wiped up the mess and continued to enjoy the wine induced mellow feelings thinking that all was well. I could not have been more wrong. The moisture went under the keyboard keys and the next day when I tried to type certain letters didn’t work at all, others would produce characters I didn’t want, and sometimes it would act possessed and start typing messages from the underworld in code – somthing like this “ttttttttttttttttt9()*&W#@kdlknai”. It took complaining on my blog (not this one, a now defunct restaurant review blog that I quickly grew bored of) to attract the attention of a Dell public relations fairy to get the darn thing fixed correctly – it ended up going the local repair center twice before I sent it directly to Austin for final resurrection. Thank the gods for the good warranty. Needless to say all of this computer drama put a damper on my plans to write a really crappy 50,000 words that no-one would ever read, I think my word count ended up being something closer to 5,000 which included stuff I would have deleted if I hadn’t been trying for a specific word count regardless of quality.

This year I am doing something a little easier which my 5 readers are sure to enjoy: National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo, in which the goal is to post something every day in November. I admit freely that I will start off by cheating a little since I will be afk on Saturday and so my plan is to schedule a post, but hey as long as it’s new content what do you care? You don’t? Awesome! In that case, I will see you tomorrow.


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