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saturday outfit

Was this t-shirt and jeans. Even though I haven’t seen much of the old school BSG, I couldn’t resist when I saw this on eBay.


My work IT department has been making noises about removing mp3 files from the employee’s pc’s, which aside from being completely unreasonable is a pain in the ass, because I have at least 30gb of music on that pc organized with star ratings, smart playlists, etc. My major task for today is to try and export my iTunes library including all metadata to my external harddrive. I’m waiting for the files to copy over now, and once that completes I’m going to take the dog for a walk – it’s a lovely breezy day, not too cold, and I need to get out of the house!


the wga strike continues

And Battlestar’s fate continues to hang in the balance. Gods willing they will be able to cut a deal soon.


Ron Moore is reporting via his blog that you will be entered into a raffle to win a personal phone call from one of the show actors (though sadly not Katee) when you show your support for BSG at the Pencils2MediaMoguls site. I have no idea what I would say during a conversation like that besides gushing praise, so I don’t care if I win or not, but the cause is a worthy one nonetheless.

Oh, wait – his next post has an update – instead of a phone call Jamie Bamber is donating towels worn by him on the show. I still have no idea what I would do with that (really), but man the picture accompanying the post is a prize in itself.


In a case of my blogging worlds colliding, Battlestar writer and producer Jane Espenson who I’ve started reading in the last couple of months has discovered and linked to Pamie, veteran blogger, novelist, and writer for Samantha Who who I’ve loved and read for forever. Both of them have been posting interesting, entertaining and informative strike information.


Check out this video of various actors showing their support – not too many geeky faves, but there is a bit of Robert Patrick. I’ve almost forgiven him for his stint on The X-Files. Almost.


day 30

Last day of NaBloPoMo is here, and I am exhausted. To end the month of all sgg all the time, I will impart to you a few of the pieces of knowledge I have gained over the last 30 days.

nablopomo complete  heroes nablopomo

  •  I do my best blogging in the morning when I should be working. Between the first cup of coffee and the decision of what to do for lunch is the most productive part of my day, and every single day I have to choose: do I work on my project and please my boss and coworkers, or do I entertain myself and my formless internet friends with random drivel about whatever topic has captured my attention that day? We’ll say the days in which you liked what I wrote I made the latter choice. Obviously that was every day;)
  • A picture or a video covers a multitude of sins – namely the sins of not having anything to say but still wanting to put something out there.
  • I LOVE Battlestar Galactica with a deep and abiding passion. Oh, were you under the impression that these pieces of knowledge would be related to blogging?
  • I suck at flirting. There is a person that I am relatively sure is possibly maybe interested, but every time I talk to him I feel so frakking awkward and I feel myself doing the exact wrong things, it’s like I revert to the shyest version of myself, the one I always think I’ve grown out of only to realize she’s just been in hiding, waiting for me to really want to make a good impression on someone. I guess I have to hope that it comes across in a cute way and not a complete spaz way, because otherwise I’m doomed.
  • My whole family is certifiably insane. Everyone thinks their family is insane, but I know it to be true.
  • My nephew and niece are the cutest and smartest babies ever born, no question.

I’m sure there are more things, but it is 10pm on a friday night, I’m a 25 year old single girl, and I have better things to do than sit on a computer typing things for an audience of people I’ll likely never meet.


Wait, did you think I meant go out? You’re obviously new here. I have Buffy to watch!



Loved it, loved Kendra Shaw’s character, loved how the story was told so that we got some of the characters we know and love as well as some new ones, loved how they finally acknowledged the existence of homosexuality since they’ve tackled practically every other social issue.

Back to work tomorrow, good times.


I’ve been tagged! [2 of 7]

Fellow Highlander fan and NaBloPoMo-er Pheobe tagged me more or less at random for the 7 random/weird things meme. I think I’ve done this before, but since you love me you’ll like it the second time too:)

I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you pick it up from me please let me know in the comments! Reading weird things about other people is always fun.

Here are the rules:
a. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
b. Share 7 random and or weird things about yourself.
c. Tag 7 random people participating in nablopomo at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
d. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

The things:
1. I tend to get really bored while driving and let my mind wander… this has resulted in me going the wrong direction accidentally, running stop signs, and turning the wrong way on one-way streets. I’ve found two remedies for this condition: 1. Show tunes! Musicals have the best songs for singing along with(duh). Right now in my car I have CD’s for My Fair Lady, Wicked(my current fave), The Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge(yes it counts), and The Lion King(shut up, it counts!). 2. The cell phone. This isn’t really a remedy though, I get just as distracted while on the phone, just for different reasons. Books on CD also work, but I only resort to those on long trips when I know I’ll get through the whole story.

2. This is probably going to ruin any level of coolness or even geek-cred I might have earned, but it must be done. There is a guilty secret in my life that only my closest friends are aware of. Prepare yourself…. ok, here we go… I read romance novels and “chick lit”. Romance novels are like any other drug that provides an endorphin rush – you know they are bad for you and distort your sense of reality, but that doesn’t keep you from wanting more, looking for that next fix. The best ones actually resemble something that might actually happen in the real world, but I read them all. Crack, I tell you!

    As for the second category, I find “Chick lit” to be kind of an insulting term – when did books that tend to focus on relationships become the realm of women only? I challenge you to name a well loved book that doesn’t focus at least in part on how people relate to each other. Put a cover without shoes or that isn’t pink on a lot of these books (the good ones) and they would be indistinguishable from any other novel out there. As for the others of lesser quality or which tend to fall into the stereotype a little more, why it is ok for women to read books that focus on men (I’m looking at you Tom Clancy), but books that focus on women are considered inferior in some way? That is just as annoying as when people write off science fiction completely as a genre without realizing that just as with anything else there are many levels of quality, and the best stand as some of the greatest works of literature.


    Ok I’m sorry but I’ve been cleaning all morning and I think some bleach fumes have gotten into my brain, so I’ll give you the rest of the 7 later.

    Tonight is Razor yay!

    Update on the dog situation: they are getting along fine today, and my bite mark has faded. Mini (the one I’m sitting) goes home tomorrow. She didn’t mean to bite me, my arm kind of got in the way when I was trying to separate the combatants, so I’m not going to tell her parents (the former roommate and her new husband). She’s been a total sweetheart today, didn’t even try to knock the trashcan over.


    weekend roundup

    Let’s see how I did:

    • Sleep very late – I woke up every day at my normal time, but boy did I ever take a nap yesterday, I fell asleep watching the Billie Piper version of Mansfield Park, and yes that does accurately describe my opinion of the movie.
    • Work on making Christmas gifts – I can’t post any finished products here, but I will show you a picture of some of the fabric that Jenn M. and I bought, it’s so cute!

      christmas fabric

    • Work on the adorable dress I am going to make for myself if I can fit it between Christmas projects – sadly I did not have time for this, I will just eye the fabric until I have time to get to it.
    • See Beowulf – mission accomplished, it’s totally awesome, I started my review but it got too long and disjointed to finish today so I’ll post it later.
    • See The Darjeeling LimitedCouldn’t quite fit this one in, maybe one night this week instead.
    • Watch the Battlestar webisodes so I’ll be ready to watch Razor on the 24thDone!
    • Finally finish Good Omens – not quite. I’ve been falling behind on my reading since my internet connection was ressurected.
    • Take my dog hiking – ok, I totally planned to do this, but I got stuck babysitting my mom’s puppy. This thing is as cute as any dog I’ve ever seen and I’m sure it would have loved to go, but since its legs are about 2 inches long I don’t think it would have done well on a hike. Mom is still undecided about what to name her, any suggestions?


    • Give my dog a bathSo done. She needed it big time, though I couldn’t convince her of that. Let me tell you, you haven’t lived until you’ve chased a 50lb, sopping wet border collie(?)/English shepherd(?) around the house after she’s escaped from the tub.

      depressed dog

      She’s moped ever since, you’d think I tried to kill her or something.

    • Hold my nephew. He is so cute! – No, sadly, but I’ll see him Thursday I hope.
    • Buy supplies for the things I will be making for Thanksgiving. – I made two pumpkin cheesecakes tonight since I need one for my work potluck tomorrow as well as one for our family dinner. Behold:

      pumpkin cheesecake

    Ok, I admit this post was just an elaborate excuse to post a picture of my pretty, pretty cheesecakes, but can you blame me?


    Battlestar Galactica Razor

    Have I mentioned that I CANNOT WAIT for this to air? I’ve been BSG-less for far, far too long. Oh, and if anyone out there is taking note, I would absolutely love to have any and all of the BSG dvd’s for Christmas… Santa? You listening?

    Battlestar Galactica

    I just finished watching all of the little flashback episodes on the SciFi website, and they so got me right into the BSG mood. Old-school Cylons, a creepy secret lab with a project involving human experimentation (gee what could it be?), young Adama’s first combat flight – all awesome. Nico Cortez is completely believable as young Bill Adama, I’m not sure if it’s the actor’s ability to mimic Olmos’s facial expressions or if they really do look that much alike, but honestly I think that Nico would have been a perfect choice to play one of the Adama sons if things had worked out differently in the beginning of the series (sorry Jamie B.!).

    nico cortez

    The few episodes I managed to stomach of Bionic Woman have made me really miss Battlestar, Katee Sackhoff is a remarkable actress and I enjoyed every second of her time on screen. If they had found a way for her to star in every storyline then the show would have held my interest, no question. Hopefully the WGA strike will be resolved equitably and quickly, I read that production on BSG season 4 was supposed to continue through March and that it will instead be coming to a halt soon if it hasn’t already. This is not good news people, Scifi has already jacked with the last season by timing it weird and possibly splitting it up, and I just couldn’t handle it not happening at all. There might be a nervous breakdown of some sort, and my poor dog doesn’t want to witness that.

    This weekend will see me happily ensconced at a friend’s house watching Razor, be assured that I will present my full report here. So say we all!

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