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Surprisingly enough, I’m not dead. I haven’t renounced all things scifi, I still know how to turn on a computer, and my friends still laugh when I opine about Neil Gaiman.

What did happen is a long, long period of feeling completely uncreative. It seemed like everyone in my life actually had one but me, and every time I started to muster the motivation to post it seemed like I just didn’t have the mental energy.

So, here’s the short and sweet idea of how things have been for me the last few months, and then perhaps I can get back to business as usual.

  • In July I went to Las Vegas with some friends to see the Star Trek Experience before it closed. I gambled exactly 1 dollar in a casino so I could say I had, got sunburned walking the Hoover Dam, and drank something with dry ice in Quark’s bar that emitted many satisfying clouds of spacey vapor. Much fun was had by all, and I have some lovely Starfleet earrings to remember the experience by.
  • In August I applied for and obtained a new position at a VERY big company. Better benefits, better money, and I got to move back to the town I loved to live in when I was here for graduate school – and would never have left if not for the former fiance. Currently I am couchsurfing at various friend’s houses, trying to save up some money before I find a place of my own. Mom is keeping the dog and cat for me, and I really miss them!
  • I also miss my niece and nephew, both of whom turned 1 recently. Cute doesn’t even begin to describe them.
  • I’ve finally made it through all seasons of Buffy, Angel, and the comic. Almost twice in fact. How did I not know about this when it was on air originally?

Right now I’m really focused on trying to do well at my new job – it is very different from what I’m used to, and I want to make a good impression and be able to be proud of myself. I’ve already had to learn lots of new things, which is what I wanted – my old job had lost some of its challenge, even though I mostly liked it and I had some really good friends there.

And… it’s about time for me to call it a night! I’m attempting to stay off the computer for an hour before I sleep… we’ll see how long that lasts. 🙂


saturday outfit

Was this t-shirt and jeans. Even though I haven’t seen much of the old school BSG, I couldn’t resist when I saw this on eBay.


My work IT department has been making noises about removing mp3 files from the employee’s pc’s, which aside from being completely unreasonable is a pain in the ass, because I have at least 30gb of music on that pc organized with star ratings, smart playlists, etc. My major task for today is to try and export my iTunes library including all metadata to my external harddrive. I’m waiting for the files to copy over now, and once that completes I’m going to take the dog for a walk – it’s a lovely breezy day, not too cold, and I need to get out of the house!


this is the most important geek news you will read today

Actually, if you are truly worthy of the moniker then you won’t have needed me to tell you this, but I’m so pleased I’m going to anyway.


So, you right remember a little series of films known as the Lord of the Rings, possibly (I’m too lazy to do actual research) the most successful fantasy film franchise ever outside of those associated with Hogwarts, and certainly first in my heart. Apparently after the films were made there was some disagreement regarding money between Peter Jackson and Newline, and plans to film The Hobbit fell to the wayside, much to the distress of Tolkien nerds the world over. Horrifying visions of Disneyfied cutesy hobbits and dwarves filled our eyes, and we learned to suppress our yearning to see Bilbo’s first real adventures portrayed with anything like the same quality and vision that Jackson brought to the LoTR.

However, today the scifi blogs are all abuzz – Jackson has settled his differences with Newline, and has agreed to executive produce not one but two Hobbit films, the first to be released in 2010. Sadly he will not be directing, but I’ve seen more than one suggestion of Guillermo Del Toro (a very not-disney director), an idea that does not offend.

Go forth and celebrate in fine hobbit style my friends! I suggest a half-pint and a dance on the table or two.



Work is kicking my butt lately but I have a breather for a little while so I’ll just catch you up on things, shall I?

  • I spent the entire weekend sewing Christmas presents – managed to get 3 and 1/2 finished, just a couple more to go and I’ll be quite pleased. My favorite so far is made of a repurposed Ikea pillowcase that I got at a thrift store, I’ll have to post a picture once the season has passed and the possibility of spoilers has ended. I also made orders from Threadless and ThinkGeek, so far my goal of staying away from the malls and the shopping madness has been easy to attain, unless you count my visit to the mega-bookstore – which I don’t, because I go there all the time anyway.
  • While I was sewing I listened to Naomi Novik’s His Majesty’s Dragon on my iPod – there’s nothing like an audiobook to keep you from getting bored or distracted when you have a manual task to do – I don’t know how I ever cleaned my house before I got my iPod. I barely do it now. Anyway, I really enjoyed the book – normally I like neither dragon stories (Eragon, Puff the Magic Dragon, Reign of Fire) or navy/ship stories (any navy or ship story), yet this one somehow manages to combine both into something fresh and new that kept me surprised throughout. Highly recommended.
  • During my other projects I took time out here and there to watch Flight of the Conchords. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this show is frakking HILARIOUS. Watch it, watch it, watch it.
  • Folks, I have had a breakthrough. For a while I was teetering on the edge of 100% nerdiness, but you’ll be relieved to hear that I have finally overbalanced and plunged right over. The last things left to me? Getting into comic books and becoming addicted to video games. The comic book love finally happened when I got addicted to Y the Last Man, and I fully intend to get into the Buffy, Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica comics. Yes I know that those are mostly based on television, but it’s a gateway right? Any suggestions will be appreciated.As for video games, I have spent several hours (when not working, sewing, or watching Flight of the Conchords) over the last week playing Portal. There are several reasons why I am not normally into gaming which are worthy of a blog post in their own right, but suffice it to say I dislike games where the point is to kill things and I dislike games that are so hard you either have to play for 10 years or be a Hawking brain-alike. I’m not dumb but neither am I a genius, and I do not find frustration to be at all entertaining. Portal fits into my narrow gaming requirements quite nicely, and the script for the computer character has a dark humor that I quite enjoy. This video is the reason I got into the game at all – I saw it posted around on a few blogs and it became ingrained in my brain. This is actually the end credits of the game, which is a song written by the awesome Jonathan Coulton and voiced by the computer character.Catchy, no? Anyway, after listening about eleventy-billion times I decided to research what the game was all about. Basically your character wakes up in a deserted complex and is presented with a series of tasks/puzzles to complete during which you may or may not die, all in order to test the function of a unique gun – it creates portals on just about any surface, and you get to chose where the entrance and exit are, like a wormhole. This leads to cool stuff like following yourself around and around in a loop, or placing one end of the portal high on a wall and the other down a giant hole so you can build momentum while you fall into the lower one and then come out the upper end and shoot across a chasm. You’ll find yourself setting up all kinds of fun portals just to see what happens. And remember, the cake is a lie.
  • What else, what else. Hmmm…. I don’t know. Ok, here’s something – I’m thinking about what to make food-wise for christmas. So far I have truffles, shortbread cookies, toffee, and gingerbread men (with chocolate chip buttons, so cute). Thoughts?

christmas special countdown: 21 days

Forget presents, I need Doctor Who!

While we wait here’s a video (thanks jlynn) that combines two wonderful things (three if you count the phenomenon that is John Barroman), Wicked and Doctor Who.


Highlander:The Source wins the battle, but the war isn’t over

I started working on my recap/review of Highlander:The Source last night, after fortifying myself with a glass of wine (or a couple). Two chocolate martinis and 2,000 words later, I’d made it 15 minutes into the 90 minute film. Folks, this project may kill me. I suppose I could lay off the snark a bit and just write an abbreviated recap, but I just don’t see how that kind of inattention to detail would do this classic movie justice. I took some time off tonight (I’m reading “Stardust” again to let the power of the Gaiman heal my wounded soul), but tomorrow is a new day, and I won a bottle of shiraz in our office dirty santa exchange!

highlander the source

The first part is high on exposition and low on Adrian, so I’m thinking it will get easier. Gods I hope it will, otherwise the mushroom cloud caused by the meltdown of my brain will be viewable around the globe.


stardust cover

Different topic: I love how the lion in “Stardust” purrs like an earthquake. Too bad that scene got cut from the movie – if you haven’t read the book you are missing a lot of lovely little bits like that, though I will admit that the Captain in the movie version is much more entertaining – and if you haven’t seen the movie, then shame on you! It runs laps around the current box office fantasy winner Enchanted.

To demonstrate:

Stardust trailer

Enchanted trailer

I’m sorry, that just looks mind-numbing to me. Hold the frilly dress and cheesy music and give me some Beowulf style gore or a snarky fallen star instead please!


pretend you’re excited

The newest SciFi rumor that has me in tizzy? SCI FI Wire is reporting that The Pretender may be returning! Not only that but star Michael T. Weiss has been approached about reprising his role as Jarod.

the pretender

For me the show took a shark-jumping turn when it started bringing in supernatural elements instead of sticking with the ‘super-genius on the run from a shady evil corporation’ formula. Watching Jarod outsmart the Centre every week while trying to discover the secrets of his past and how they intertwine with those of Miss Parker and the other Centre minions never got old, watching him chase ghosts and mystical prophecies or whatever it was (I’ve blocked it out) was painful.

If you’re a fan of The Pretender here are a couple of vids you might like.

Jarod and Miss Parker moments:

Video created by the group campaigning for a third movie:

In honor of the season – a pretender Christmas:

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