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My weekend


1. Got a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt even though I was.

2. Watched Sherlock again. Must watch other Benedict Cumberbatch (best name ever) things.

3. Visited the lake where various family members were camping. Ate fried fish. Played with fat baby.

4. Thought about working and then didn’t.


craft news + thanksgiving some more

I spent a good part of yesterday looking around online for (preferably free) cross stitch patterns to use for geeky Christmas projects, and didn’t come up with all that many, and certainly didn’t find any books along those lines. Craft companies out there, a niche market awaits you! Up and coming crafters in their 20’s and younger are not interested in making samplers with little old lady flowers and cute cottages on them, we really want to stitch up some zombies and Tardises (or whatever the plural of Tardis might be).
Since that effort was a bust I will instead share my fabric finds of the last few days:

Elephants and Camels

Cutest hedgehogs in existence

And some from my trip to Japan over the summer (that I have not shared heretofore):

Japan fabric haul part 1

Japan fabric haul part 2

And since it is the season for food here are some pictures of my family Thanksgiving at my grandparent’s place out in the back of beyond:

Sweet potato pie made by yours truly.

Recipe Here.

Chocolate cake with peanut butter icing made by my cousin Greg.


My family doesn't celebrate a major holiday without shrimp gumbo.

Aunt D's luscious yeast rolls - they are still rising, but trust me, they turned out delicious!

Grandma's house. Literally over the river and through the woods.

Hope your holiday was as delicious as mine was!


best friends

j-shizzle = jenn s.
eyes only = me

[21:35] j-shizzle: moving on. i love Charming , but single.

[21:35] eyes only: isnt she the coolest?

[21:36] j-shizzle: very much so.

[21:38] eyes only: I aspire to write as funnily bla bla as she does

[21:38] j-shizzle: her and Pamie.

[21:42] eyes only: oh god
[21:42] eyes only: pamie is my girl crush for all time

[21:43] j-shizzle: lol

[21:43] eyes only: sometimes I feel creepy about adoring her so much – I feel like I know her because she is so open, and yet I don’t

[21:44] j-shizzle: lesbian mind sex?

[21:44] eyes only: lol
[21:44] eyes only: exactly
[21:45] eyes only: only with you do terms like lesbian mind sex come up in normal everyday conversation

[21:46] j-shizzle: what? This is not normal! Bah! Say you!
[21:46] j-shizzle: (semi intelligent normal everyday conversation)

[21:48] eyes only: normal j-shizzle and eyes only conversation
[21:48] eyes only: though… if you were going to go gay for anyone, who would it be?
[21:48] eyes only: besides pamie:)

[21:48] j-shizzle: hmmm. give me a min to think.
[21:54] j-shizzle: The chick who plays Callie on Greys
[21:54] j-shizzle: Sara what’s her face

[21:58] eyes only: I can see that
[21:59] eyes only: shes hot
[21:59] eyes only: I was thinking along america ferrera lines myself

[21:59] j-shizzle
: She seems like a brain too.

[21:59] eyes only: possibly diablo cody though – she is hilarious

[22:02] j-shizzle: nice.


saturday outfit

Was this t-shirt and jeans. Even though I haven’t seen much of the old school BSG, I couldn’t resist when I saw this on eBay.


My work IT department has been making noises about removing mp3 files from the employee’s pc’s, which aside from being completely unreasonable is a pain in the ass, because I have at least 30gb of music on that pc organized with star ratings, smart playlists, etc. My major task for today is to try and export my iTunes library including all metadata to my external harddrive. I’m waiting for the files to copy over now, and once that completes I’m going to take the dog for a walk – it’s a lovely breezy day, not too cold, and I need to get out of the house!



Sadly the magnolia seed header image is taking a vacation. I liked the old layout as far as colors and flexibility are concerned, but it was a little busy and the column for the posts was narrower than I would have liked. I’ll probably keep playing with it until I find something new I like – I’m almost tempted to pay wordpress for the ability to customize my stylesheet, but I just feel icky paying for a blogging service that doesn’t allow me to monetize.

I added a couple of things to the sidebar: my twitter feed and flickr images. I’ve only had twitter for a day or two and I know it’s old news, but it is kind of fun. You can enter keywords you would like to track and then relevant tweets will be sent to your feed, so naturally I added star trek, battlestar galactica, etc. to mine. I of course don’t have access at work but it can be used with instant messaging software, your cell phone, and e-mail, and I can track my feed through google reader. It’s like the facebook status updates on steroids.


Other than that not much is going on – I’m still working my way through Buffy Season 2, and no I didn’t borrow from the guy at work, I’m netflixing it like the chicken I am. Sigh. Last night I had some sort of sleeping fit and went to bed at 7pm, I’m sure my roommate thought I was dead, thankfully she let the dog out to do her thing before bed without being asked, which was very nice. She probably felt guilty after her dog ate my ravioli with parmesan, spinach, and chicken off of the stove before I had time to put the leftovers in the fridge. Frakking ill-mannered wildebeast.


My dishwasher has decided it doesn’t have to drain any more, it overflowed into the kitchen and it took the combined efforts of 5 bath towels and a mop to clean up the mess. I’m still waiting for the water to drain, I hate having to call the plumber but things are looking grim.


What else, what else. It’s friday, I’m blogging when I should be working, I had lunch at Subway with my mom (we split a turkey sandwich), and I didn’t call my dad and call him a racist asshole, so the blog entry did its trick. All in all things are looking well heading into this first weekend of 2008, I may even feel a little cheerfulness springing up from the depths of my soul, and really, what more can we ask in this life?


gingerbread trifle

Random picture of the day: my Christmas gingerbread trifle, containing layers of coffee pudding, vanilla and chocolate mousse (heavy cream, egg whites, sugar), home made gingerbread men, home made shortbread, nuts and and a candy cane. The best part was beating the candy cane to bits with a hammer.


this is the most important geek news you will read today

Actually, if you are truly worthy of the moniker then you won’t have needed me to tell you this, but I’m so pleased I’m going to anyway.


So, you right remember a little series of films known as the Lord of the Rings, possibly (I’m too lazy to do actual research) the most successful fantasy film franchise ever outside of those associated with Hogwarts, and certainly first in my heart. Apparently after the films were made there was some disagreement regarding money between Peter Jackson and Newline, and plans to film The Hobbit fell to the wayside, much to the distress of Tolkien nerds the world over. Horrifying visions of Disneyfied cutesy hobbits and dwarves filled our eyes, and we learned to suppress our yearning to see Bilbo’s first real adventures portrayed with anything like the same quality and vision that Jackson brought to the LoTR.

However, today the scifi blogs are all abuzz – Jackson has settled his differences with Newline, and has agreed to executive produce not one but two Hobbit films, the first to be released in 2010. Sadly he will not be directing, but I’ve seen more than one suggestion of Guillermo Del Toro (a very not-disney director), an idea that does not offend.

Go forth and celebrate in fine hobbit style my friends! I suggest a half-pint and a dance on the table or two.



Work is kicking my butt lately but I have a breather for a little while so I’ll just catch you up on things, shall I?

  • I spent the entire weekend sewing Christmas presents – managed to get 3 and 1/2 finished, just a couple more to go and I’ll be quite pleased. My favorite so far is made of a repurposed Ikea pillowcase that I got at a thrift store, I’ll have to post a picture once the season has passed and the possibility of spoilers has ended. I also made orders from Threadless and ThinkGeek, so far my goal of staying away from the malls and the shopping madness has been easy to attain, unless you count my visit to the mega-bookstore – which I don’t, because I go there all the time anyway.
  • While I was sewing I listened to Naomi Novik’s His Majesty’s Dragon on my iPod – there’s nothing like an audiobook to keep you from getting bored or distracted when you have a manual task to do – I don’t know how I ever cleaned my house before I got my iPod. I barely do it now. Anyway, I really enjoyed the book – normally I like neither dragon stories (Eragon, Puff the Magic Dragon, Reign of Fire) or navy/ship stories (any navy or ship story), yet this one somehow manages to combine both into something fresh and new that kept me surprised throughout. Highly recommended.
  • During my other projects I took time out here and there to watch Flight of the Conchords. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this show is frakking HILARIOUS. Watch it, watch it, watch it.
  • Folks, I have had a breakthrough. For a while I was teetering on the edge of 100% nerdiness, but you’ll be relieved to hear that I have finally overbalanced and plunged right over. The last things left to me? Getting into comic books and becoming addicted to video games. The comic book love finally happened when I got addicted to Y the Last Man, and I fully intend to get into the Buffy, Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica comics. Yes I know that those are mostly based on television, but it’s a gateway right? Any suggestions will be appreciated.As for video games, I have spent several hours (when not working, sewing, or watching Flight of the Conchords) over the last week playing Portal. There are several reasons why I am not normally into gaming which are worthy of a blog post in their own right, but suffice it to say I dislike games where the point is to kill things and I dislike games that are so hard you either have to play for 10 years or be a Hawking brain-alike. I’m not dumb but neither am I a genius, and I do not find frustration to be at all entertaining. Portal fits into my narrow gaming requirements quite nicely, and the script for the computer character has a dark humor that I quite enjoy. This video is the reason I got into the game at all – I saw it posted around on a few blogs and it became ingrained in my brain. This is actually the end credits of the game, which is a song written by the awesome Jonathan Coulton and voiced by the computer character.Catchy, no? Anyway, after listening about eleventy-billion times I decided to research what the game was all about. Basically your character wakes up in a deserted complex and is presented with a series of tasks/puzzles to complete during which you may or may not die, all in order to test the function of a unique gun – it creates portals on just about any surface, and you get to chose where the entrance and exit are, like a wormhole. This leads to cool stuff like following yourself around and around in a loop, or placing one end of the portal high on a wall and the other down a giant hole so you can build momentum while you fall into the lower one and then come out the upper end and shoot across a chasm. You’ll find yourself setting up all kinds of fun portals just to see what happens. And remember, the cake is a lie.
  • What else, what else. Hmmm…. I don’t know. Ok, here’s something – I’m thinking about what to make food-wise for christmas. So far I have truffles, shortbread cookies, toffee, and gingerbread men (with chocolate chip buttons, so cute). Thoughts?

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