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doctor who thanksgiving

I recently took advantage of Amazon’s deal of the day and ordered the first four seasons of the new Who – they were a killer 30 bucks a season instead of the usual 80 plus, so who could say no to that? Obviously since I should be spending money on friends and family and getting Christmas presents I instead jumped all over the sale. When it comes to the Doctor priorities must shift.

Since I knew I would be spending lots of mind numbing quality time with the family I brought the first series home to my mother’s with me. I knew she would like to see it because we generally have similar taste in a lot of entertainment, but watching tv with her is a continual exercise in biting your tongue. She has an unparalleled ability to ask the obvious question in the scene just before it is about to be answered.

“I wonder if she is really an alien?”

“You think he is going to die?”

“Why doesn’t he just use his screwdriver thingy?”

All valid questions, but if you have ever seen any tv show ever you know you are about to find out, so why vocalize them? Yeesh.

While watching the special features for series two I quite enjoyed the part of the David Tennant video diary where he takes the camera home to Scotland and films his family’s reaction to his appearance in the Christmas special. Mostly they are not too terribly excited (he’d been in a lot of stuff by this point), but he best part is when his mom whips out a somewhat terrifiying cross stitch portrait of him that was lovingly created and bestowed on her by one of her friends. He seemed unsure if he should be impressed or frightened, and I can’t say I blame him.

None of which stopped me from having to force myself not to immediately download and start working on this masterpiece when I stumbled across it later that day:

Believe it or not I wasn’t searching for this in particular but rather geeky cross stitch patterns in general. If you ask me there are far too many kitten patterns out there and far too few David Tennant’s. I expect anyone reading this to do all they can to rectify the situation. Mankind needs you.


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