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who doesn’t love an airplane shaped garnish?

My grandfather apparently went to the most awesome yardsale of all time, his haul from which included a five dollar antique sewing machine and the following little treat:

The box says that they are garnish/vegetable cutters in the shape of a star, a heart, an airplane, a clover, and a chicken. I’m thinking garnishes made of chocolate are more up my alley than carrots, but who knows? Aren’t they the cutest things ever?

Bottom view:

I don’t know when this set was made, but it is most decidedly and awesomely vintage. Every girl needs a grandpa to yardsale for her.


craft news + thanksgiving some more

I spent a good part of yesterday looking around online for (preferably free) cross stitch patterns to use for geeky Christmas projects, and didn’t come up with all that many, and certainly didn’t find any books along those lines. Craft companies out there, a niche market awaits you! Up and coming crafters in their 20’s and younger are not interested in making samplers with little old lady flowers and cute cottages on them, we really want to stitch up some zombies and Tardises (or whatever the plural of Tardis might be).
Since that effort was a bust I will instead share my fabric finds of the last few days:

Elephants and Camels

Cutest hedgehogs in existence

And some from my trip to Japan over the summer (that I have not shared heretofore):

Japan fabric haul part 1

Japan fabric haul part 2

And since it is the season for food here are some pictures of my family Thanksgiving at my grandparent’s place out in the back of beyond:

Sweet potato pie made by yours truly.

Recipe Here.

Chocolate cake with peanut butter icing made by my cousin Greg.


My family doesn't celebrate a major holiday without shrimp gumbo.

Aunt D's luscious yeast rolls - they are still rising, but trust me, they turned out delicious!

Grandma's house. Literally over the river and through the woods.

Hope your holiday was as delicious as mine was!

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