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ring in the new

This year has been one of those change-it-all-up type of things, and right now as I sit in the apartment where I am temporarily renting a room from someone I barely new a few weeks ago, I’m a little overwhelmed by everything that has gone on. Most of it has been good, for which I am supremely grateful, and I hope that this coming year will bring much more of the same.

I spent this New Year’s day mostly alone, and if how you spend the first day of the year provides a foretelling of how the rest will go I think I could do much worse. I read, I played a videogame, I went and hiked about 5 miles around a local lake, and I expect to shortly work on improving my fake drumming skills in a Rock Band jam session. I talked to friends and family, I ate some chocolate, and cookies may be on the agenda. So far, I like the new year just fine.

Here are some pictures from my walk – I hope that your day was as peaceful!


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