this is the most important geek news you will read today

Actually, if you are truly worthy of the moniker then you won’t have needed me to tell you this, but I’m so pleased I’m going to anyway.


So, you right remember a little series of films known as the Lord of the Rings, possibly (I’m too lazy to do actual research) the most successful fantasy film franchise ever outside of those associated with Hogwarts, and certainly first in my heart. Apparently after the films were made there was some disagreement regarding money between Peter Jackson and Newline, and plans to film The Hobbit fell to the wayside, much to the distress of Tolkien nerds the world over. Horrifying visions of Disneyfied cutesy hobbits and dwarves filled our eyes, and we learned to suppress our yearning to see Bilbo’s first real adventures portrayed with anything like the same quality and vision that Jackson brought to the LoTR.

However, today the scifi blogs are all abuzz – Jackson has settled his differences with Newline, and has agreed to executive produce not one but two Hobbit films, the first to be released in 2010. Sadly he will not be directing, but I’ve seen more than one suggestion of Guillermo Del Toro (a very not-disney director), an idea that does not offend.

Go forth and celebrate in fine hobbit style my friends! I suggest a half-pint and a dance on the table or two.


2 Responses to “this is the most important geek news you will read today”

  1. 1 GrantTLC
    December 21, 2007 at 6:49 am

    Marvellous! I think I’ll comb my foot hair in celebration!

    Have a lovely Xmas, Sgg, and a terrific New Year. Hope to see some of what you’ll be up to here on the ol’ blog. x

  2. December 26, 2007 at 10:48 am

    Thank you very much! My online presence has been a bit reduced as of late – work is busy and I’ve been working a lot on xmas projects, but I’ll be around before the new year. I hope. Happy holidays to you!

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