a small request

This is not my Nablopomo post, expect that later today. 🙂


Since wordpress killed its feed reader stats several months ago I have had no way of knowing how many people subscribe to my rss feed, which has been kind of irritating. I know I’m not alone in mostly reading blogs I like via a feed reader, and I know that some of my most loyal readers get their sgg fix (when I actually post) this way. So, if you read my feed and have a spare 2 seconds please subscribe to my Feedburner feed via the following link, it would make my day!

Subscribe in a reader


Edit: Ok I lied and this really was your NBPM post #20, I got home last night and starting geeking out trying to make my pc’s with different operating systems share files over my wireless network and I totally forgot that I was going to write another post. I didn’t succeed in the whole file sharing thing but I did discover a fun free VPN (virtual private network) tool that lets me set up a network for my various (windows or mac which doesn’t help my sad little ubuntu box) pc’s wherever they might be – not exactly a new concept but very cool when you haven’t used it much before.


2 Responses to “a small request”

  1. November 21, 2007 at 2:32 am

    Hi SGG –

    I’m sorry to do this, and of course you don’t have to follow up, but I was tagged today for a meme that is going around NaBloPoMo – one where you write 7 weird things about yourself and tag 7 others.

    I have selected your blog at random (but mostly because I related to your title) to be on my list.

    If you are into it, you can come over to boegle.blogspot.com to see the rules as they were forwarded to me.

    I’m glad I happened upon your name, because I am happy to find another woman who admittedly loves a lot of the same geek TV that I do, and anyone besides me, my father or my husband who admits to watching “Highlander” (which I own all of on DVD, including the little stupid holographic coin collection that fits into a coin-holding MacLeod family crest cardboard shield. Wow. I can’t believe I admitted *that*.

    Happy NaBloPoMo!

  2. November 21, 2007 at 9:34 am

    No I don’t mind at all – I think I’ve done that meme before but I’ll spin it somehow 🙂

    I’m happy to find another woman who geeks out as well – and don’t worry about that coin collection (which sounds awesome! what is on them?), it’s not as bad as a full-on Arwen outfit (the grey one where she rides the horse to escape the black riders) complete with replicas of the sword and the evenstar necklace. I’ve been wanting to go to some sort of con just so I have a reason to wear the darn thing again, I’ve used it for halloween twice and I’m not sure I can recycle it again.

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