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day 30

Last day of NaBloPoMo is here, and I am exhausted. To end the month of all sgg all the time, I will impart to you a few of the pieces of knowledge I have gained over the last 30 days.

nablopomo complete  heroes nablopomo

  •  I do my best blogging in the morning when I should be working. Between the first cup of coffee and the decision of what to do for lunch is the most productive part of my day, and every single day I have to choose: do I work on my project and please my boss and coworkers, or do I entertain myself and my formless internet friends with random drivel about whatever topic has captured my attention that day? We’ll say the days in which you liked what I wrote I made the latter choice. Obviously that was every day;)
  • A picture or a video covers a multitude of sins – namely the sins of not having anything to say but still wanting to put something out there.
  • I LOVE Battlestar Galactica with a deep and abiding passion. Oh, were you under the impression that these pieces of knowledge would be related to blogging?
  • I suck at flirting. There is a person that I am relatively sure is possibly maybe interested, but every time I talk to him I feel so frakking awkward and I feel myself doing the exact wrong things, it’s like I revert to the shyest version of myself, the one I always think I’ve grown out of only to realize she’s just been in hiding, waiting for me to really want to make a good impression on someone. I guess I have to hope that it comes across in a cute way and not a complete spaz way, because otherwise I’m doomed.
  • My whole family is certifiably insane. Everyone thinks their family is insane, but I know it to be true.
  • My nephew and niece are the cutest and smartest babies ever born, no question.

I’m sure there are more things, but it is 10pm on a friday night, I’m a 25 year old single girl, and I have better things to do than sit on a computer typing things for an audience of people I’ll likely never meet.


Wait, did you think I meant go out? You’re obviously new here. I have Buffy to watch!


further evidence of my geektardedness

I just found a pair of elf ears while cleaning out my purse.

elf ears

The prosecution rests.



I’ve been tagged! [3-7 of 7]

It took me long enough to get around to finishing this. Focus has not been high on my list of accomplishments recently, and NaBloPoMo is harder than I thought it would be. It’s been good for me though, as ze frank said in one of his latest videos (and how awesome is it that he is making videos again?), feeling uninspired is no excuse for not creating things – the difference between working on something you don’t think is going to be perfect and not working on something at all is the difference between 1 and 0. Something and nothing.

The things:

3. People who have seen my bedroom would laugh at this, but the truth is that I am a perfectionist, which means that ze’s advice notwithstanding, I hate to do something if I don’t think I can do it right. This means that I don’t start a lot of things, like cleaning projects (my room is a mess), writing stories, or trying to sew. I have a couple of web application ideas that have been kicking around in my head for months that I haven’t gotten around to trying to fix. My room was a royal mess until this weekend – mostly because I knew that I had to go through a couple of boxes that I didn’t want to touch: the last remnants of my relationship with the former fiance. I finally bit the bullet though and forced myself to do it. I saved a couple of small gifts and a couple of photos, nothing that wouldn’t fit into a little box I had set aside for that purpose, and I trashed everything else. Gifts, photos, letters, wedding planning stuff, it all went. Yes, I still had wedding stuff. Yes, it’s been 2 years. I know, I am pathetic. Believe me, it caused me no pain to toss it and it would have if I’d done it before, so I’m glad I waited. So, there’s some breakup advice for you. Don’t say I never taught you anything.

4. I bake for brownie points. So far no one has complained:) (Today it was chocolate banana bread, a recipe of my own devising. Tasty!)

5.  Google reader rules my life. I have subscribed to so many feeds I will never ever be able to catch up, I’ve had to create a special category for stuff I consider a must read and I get to the other stuff eventually. I subscribe to news(regular and technology + local, national and world), entertainment, gossip blogs, personal blogs, lots and lots of scifi and book blogs, and even some software development blogs. Right now I have at least 2,000 unread items in my reader. Is there a 12 step rss program?

6. I can’t keep my dog off of the couch. She gets in trouble every time I catch her, and yet still the next time I go into the living room, there she is again, snoozing away. What does this mean? Does she wish I had carpet? Is the bed I gave her not good enough? Should I get her her own couch? Rig that one with an ejector seat so it flings her across the room if she gets on it? These are the questions that occupy me.

7. Finally, number 7. The last random thing about me is that last night I fell asleep fully clothed with the light on at 10pm and didn’t wake up until 3am, at which point I decided changing was a lost cause and just switched off the light and went back to bed. This can be interpreted a couple of ways: either I need a boyfriend (or better roommate) who will nudge me awake so I can actually get ready for bed like a normal human being, or I need to take more naps during the day. Perhaps both.

There you go Pheobe, I finished it, and before the month was even out. I should get a prize for that.


I miss meebo

You might remember the meebo widget that I used to have over on the right that would allow anyone who chose to message me if I happened to be online. Sadly my job suddenly decided to employ strict internet filtering and I no longer have access to meebo, facebook, myspace, pandora, or flickr. For some reason wordpress was spared, a fact for which I am grateful. Since I can’t get on meebo during the day anymore I killed the widget, but meebo is still an awesome webapp and the recent addition of a firefox extension has made it that much cooler. Enjoy it for me won’t you?


hell yes!!

Rose is coming back!


that hot guy is probably a vampire

This is going to be short and sweet because it is late and I am feeling less than 100%. We’ve had a big weather change in the last couple of days and it triggered a sore throat, a cough, and general malaise. It would be lovely to use it as an excuse to stay home from work, but since I have a huge project I am working on I’ll be a good girl. Sigh.

Big news folks! I’ve finally started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For some reason it never quite made it onto my list of things to watch before the last year or so – I watched the movie back when it came out, and when I heard there was a show to match it never piqued my interest. Stupid past me didn’t know about Joss Whedon and his high awesomeness ranking, a lesson present me has learned well. Various sources have recommended Seasons 2 and 3 as the better ones, but since I have a serious compulsion about consuming books and movies in their proper order I am starting with season 1 and going on from there.

buffy season 1

I watched the premier 2 parter tonight. Major impressions:

– The cute ones are all undead.

– How adorable is baby Alyson Hannigan?

– I don’t quite buy little Sarah Michelle as an ass-kicking slayer, but I’m sure the fight quality will improve over time.

– Darla the vampire is totally Rita from Dexter! It’s kind of nice to see her in such a proactive role.

– British library guy is a little hands on and anti-personal space, no?

– Doesn’t she have a sister? Does she just appear later? Or is she a step? Wait don’t tell me I don’t want to be spoiled!

– The dialogue style so reminds me of Firefly/Serenity. Join me in praying to the tv gods that more ‘verse stuff will be made in the future. The Fillion must be rescued from frakking Desperate Housewives! I don’t mind Jewel Staite on Stargate:Atlantis because I actually enjoy that show, but I miss the other Firefly vets. They must be reunited!



Loved it, loved Kendra Shaw’s character, loved how the story was told so that we got some of the characters we know and love as well as some new ones, loved how they finally acknowledged the existence of homosexuality since they’ve tackled practically every other social issue.

Back to work tomorrow, good times.

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