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a couple of pet peeves

– I really can’t stand the word ‘natch’. It comes across as stupid and pretentious and it annoys the crap out of me. I don’t know why I hate it so much more than other internetspeak – blog, tubes, lol, all of these bother me not a bit, but throw a natch in there and I want to scream.
– I get a weekly e-mail newsletter in which every! Single! Sentence! Is ended with an exclamation point! Even ones that are questions! Why does this man do this to me! Even worse is that he is rumored to be a college level English teacher!

Just needed to vent a bit. I feel better now! (Note the proper use of a !)


highlander the source wtf

highlander the source

To those of you who found your way here by means of searching for ‘highlander the source wtf,’ I can only say you are obviously attractive, intelligent and discerning individuals.

I have yet to see the Scifi presentation. I did not watch it Saturday due to my lack of cable, but thanks to the magic of the Pirate Bay it now resides on my laptop, and I will view it at my leisure. Honestly I’ve read the opinions of some others and I don’t think it’s all that much changed from the craptastic version I watched a couple of months ago, so I’m not in a big hurry.

You know what would make me happy? If some fans with money and talent (not me on either count) would create some new Highlander episodes in the vein of Star Trek New Voyages. I haven’t watched all of those yet (they also reside on my hard drive) but the fact of their existence is very pleasing. Internet, make it so!


a lazy kind of day

This has been one of those nice relaxed weekend days that I enjoy so much and don’t often get to enjoy. The Southern humidity has finally given way to fall and we’ve been able to turn off the a/c and leave the windows open – admitting the breeze, the neighborhood dogs barking, the sound of the kids from the apartment complex behind the house, and the bell from the church down the street. I feel a little more connected to the world around me, and it is a lot easier to spy on the neighbors Disturbia/Rear Window style.

I have accomplished the following things so far today:

  • Attempted to teach my dog to lie down on command. So far she thinks I am just confused and really must want her to sit, so as soon as I position her the way I want her and let go she pops right back up into sitting position and looks at me expecting a treat. Clearly I need some sort of professional help with this.
  • Finished reading The Eyre Affair. One of the central premises of the book is that it is possible for people to enter works of literature and for the characters to enter this world, which is quite fascinating to me as a bibliophile. Can you imagine popping into Pride and Prejudice to have tea with the Bennet sisters, or how about visiting an L’Engle novel and hanging out with the Murrays? Of course these sorts of ideas are how most fan fiction gets written. If you could step into the world of any book which would it be? Middle Earth? Narnia? Or some faraway planet in the distant future where the problems of today no longer exist? Recently I read the Angel novels by Sharon Shinn and I fell in love with her descriptions of the people and the cultures – on the planet the books are set in the seperate tribes or nations or whatever have to come together once a year to sing together in a giant event they call the Gloria to prove that they are living in harmony if they want to avoid punishment from above. In their world musical and singing abilities are almost revered – musicians hold places of high honor (real honor, not hollow celebrity). How cool would it be to visit a place like that?
  • Baked a giant batch of chocolate chip cookies. Yum!
  • Watched Disturbia, Secretary, and part of season 1 of How I Met Your Mother. When I heard that Shia Labeouf was likely to play Yorick in the move adaptation of Y the Last Man I wasn’t all that thrilled since I had only seen him in Transformers and that movie did not impress me. However, after seeing Disturbia I feel slightly resigned to it. He does have a certain goofy charm that would suit Yorick’s character. I would also like to take this moment to remind myself to stop watching scary/suspenseful movies while home alone in the dark.
  • Hmm, what else? I do believe that was all. After the week I’ve had at work I deserved a day of doing not much.

adding to the stack

I found a few more in the living room…

a few more

I’m not actually reading the guidebook – it’s more of a flip through when I feel like it kind of thing – so I suppose it doesn’t count. Good Omens and Choke are both books that need to be taken in small doses – the former because the silliness and cleverness on every page become quite overwhelming after a while, and the latter because even though I appreciate the genius of Chuck Palahniuk my level of tolerance for raw gritty narrative is not very high, and I have to take breaks regularly if I am not to become utterly depressed. Good Omens and The Eyre Affair were both recommended to me by the same friend who sent Supernatural and Firefly my way, so despite her worrisome love of slash fanfic I trust her judgement.

Yes, I’m adding to the stack already – at this rate I’ll have plenty of excuses to never leave the house again. Bring on the cats!


big stack of books

I have absolutely nothing to say about today’s anniversary that would not sound utterly trite, so I will not attempt. Your regularly scheduled (snerk) post will now commence.

Ostensibly this blog was to be used to describe my forays into the dating realm, but as you might have guessed lately those have been utterly nonexistent. I had been trying eHarmony for a while, but the one or two times I got to the point in their 8 billion step process where you answer questions chosen by your potential date in 1,000 words or less I would stare at the little text area and go completely blank. Should I be flip? Completely serious? Try and play up my playful side and be a complete flirt or try to convey my maturity and intelligence? Is it possible to combine all of the above into a perfectly crafted essay that will cause the gentleman in question to wish to pursue the relationship further, and if so, do I really want to pursue it myself?

All of this is completely ridiculous because my vast knowledge of men tells me that he decided whether or not he wanted to go out with me within 5 seconds of viewing my picture, and he will probably only skim my answers looking for obvious red flags (prude, bitch, complete moron, etc.) Nevertheless I have allowed myself to talk said self out of meeting 2 or 3 perfectly nice seeming guys because of my own insecurities, and have instead focused on the happenings in the lives of my friends and family, my job, and catching up on my reading. I may be an elderly spinster living alone with my 20 cats one of these days, but at least I’ll be a well read one.

This is a photo of the books I have been working my way through lately. I have a bad habit of reading something partially, leaving it, and coming back off and on over time (mostly this depends on where I am located when the urge to read strikes me). My favorite books are the ones that have captured my imagination and not allowed me to put them down until I have finished them.


The Margaret Atwood and Elliot Perlman novels may never be finished as I have been working on them for a year and 6 months respectively. The 2 Richard Scarry books are for my nephew, I plan to have him reading in a few days, and the E. Nesbit books will be waiting for him when he is a little older, but I will enjoy them for him meanwhile. I am actually reading The Once and Future King at the moment – so far it is quite similar to the Disney movie the Sword and the Stone, and if I weren’t too lazy right now to spend 5 minutes googling I would look up which came first, though I’m sure it is the book.

The best books I have read recently are the His Dark Materials books by Phillip Pullman, and since the Golden Compass movie is being released this holiday season what better time to read them yourself? Now that I’ve seen Stardust that is the movie I am most excited about this year.

You know, if I keep adding to that pile I could put off the whole dating thing for quite a while.


my nephew is superman (shhh don’t tell!)

My place of cubicle serfdom has decided to become even more like the movie Office Space than it already was, and has begun to arbitrarily block any and all social networking sites, which includes sites like blogspot and (gasp!) wordpress, not to mention such time wasting places of enjoyment like myspace, flickr, pandora, meebo and (sob) facebook. In a pinch I can still access facebook via cellphone, but as I am not one of the iPhone owners (or any other smartphone variety), it is more trouble than it is worth. It seems that I shall actually have to work while at work.

Had you going for a second there didn’t I? Actually, since they left me my beloved google reader I can catch up on my rss feeds all day long if I have a mind to since I tend to subscribe to anything that catches my eye – and then there are e-books, podcasts, and the 3 seasons of Doctor Who plus Torchwood and Battlestar Galactica that reside on my iPod. It’s almost tempting to emulate Office Space and see just how much not working it would take for me to get fired, but as I plan to build my resume not massacre it I suppose I won’t try that just yet. Perhaps when I strike it rich.

So, much has transpired since I last graced these digital halls with my lovely presence. I am now the proud aunt of one beatiful blue-eyed dark haired baby boy, and couldn’t be more delighted (well, perhaps I could if my brother weren’t only 18 and the mother 17, but what’s done is done and babies are awesome). The geeks out there in the interwebs will be delighted to learn that while they named the baby after his father, he will in fact go by the nickname Kal-El. No, I’m not joking. Really, I’m not. I have garnered permission to shorten this to Kal (pronounced like Cal, short for Calvin, as in Calvin and Hobbes, truly the greatest Sunday comic of all time). I supposed I shouldn’t be surprised that the brother of a woman who self-identifies as a geek would want to name his child after a comic book character, should I?

In other news, the (former) roommate got married, the wedding was very nice, and they are now cozily ensconced in an apartment about 15 minutes from me, which made it handy for me when I went to feed their insane cats while they were honeymooning in Tennessee. I hosted lots of friends at my house who came into town for the wedding which was extremely fun, it made me wish I lived closer to more them. My friend from San Diego who I’ve known since childhood and who can always be trusted to know what the next awesome thing is (she named her cat Inara before I even knew Firefly wasn’t just an insect) brought me season 1 of Supernatural to watch… and let me just say, I owe her big. It’s not as astoundingly good as the aforementioned Whedon work of genius, but it is clever in its own way, and the eye candy ratchets my rating up quite a few points. I’ve now made it through season 2 and am waiting impatiently for the premiere on Oct 4th.

This post is getting somewhat long, so I will leave you with some random shots I took today with the new camera that I had no business buying since I am beyond broke. Stupid credit cards.


The fun bracelet that I wore in the wedding. It matched the cinnamon and yellow dress very well.


My denim clad thigh. I was playing with the macro setting.

living room

The living room by way of the kitchen door. I still can’t decide how I feel about that color of yellow (it was there when we moved in), but I love my el cheapo ikea coffee table and my red couch.


Playing with the macro again. This is a lovely scarf that was handmade for me by a good friend, and if it ever gets cold again I will wear it!

Until next time, drink lots of coffee and get some fresh air. Fall has arrived and it wants you to enjoy it.

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