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I know I’ve watched too much highlander when…

(In case anyone had any doubts about the level of geekiness that is my life.)

Adrian Paul

1. Any reference to the bands Queen or Queens of the Stone Age gets my brain singing – “Here we are, born to be kings…”

2. Twice in the last month I have had naughty dreams about Adrian Paul. The man is seriously pretty. These people agree, and have made the cheesiest photo homage ever to prove it… they have watched too much highlander also.

3. When the actors do a decent job letting their internal dialogue show on their faces I catch myself making mental notes to see if there is any good fanfic for that episode.

4. I forced myself to sit through the entire excruciating and unintentionally hilarious pile of crap that is the early release of Highlander: The Source. (Watch at your own risk, self-mutilation may ensue.) Supposedly the final cut will be better, but I’m not sure there is all that much to work with.

5. Irregardless of the fact that the show only has a few scenes shot in actual Scotland and usually the accents sound pretty lame, I still want to go and see the country for myself. Though, to be fair, the Outlander novels and my general love of Sean Connery’s accent have had their share of influence over that desire.

6. Highlander in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies. I go back every month or so to watch this again. Made of awesome.

7. Mention of only one anything at all makes me snicker like a fool.

8. I have a blue plaid skirt that I wore as part of a costume – I caught myself eyeing it the other day and mentally comparing it to the blue tartan that supposedly belongs to the McLeod’s.

I have a love/hate relationship with this franchise, it has an interesting mythology and it shows signs of brilliance to go along with the sub par special effects and general cheesiness. The inconsistencies are frustrating, but I have to forgive some of them because if they had stopped with the original Highlander movie then the series would never have been possible, and Adrian Paul’s McLeod was a compelling character who was very fun to watch. I would love to see it picked up by a director who is able to bring the emotional weight to bear that was evident in some of the episodes… but in the meantime I’ll watch re-runs and enjoy.


The Moirae need to get a new hobby

Yes, I know, I’ve been gone a while – I’ve come to terms with the fact that consistency is not my thing, but I know you love me anyway.

Yesterday was absolutely the day from hades. I am not a superstitious person, but I am starting to believe that I should knock on wood anytime I make any sort of positive statements, because fate is a saucy bitch and she will get you, laughing all the way.

  • First thing in the morning when I got to work my coworker “Dave” and I congratulated each other, we had manage to complete a project without causing any unforeseen issues, a fact which caused us both some surprise since we generally manage to screw up at least a small portion of our projects (as most people do, but I am not most people and I am something of a perfectionist when it comes to these things). This self-congratulation is what caused fate to listen in, snicker uncontrollably, and send her little demons to pester me into admitting defeat.
  • An hour after our conversation, the problem reports started coming in… turned out that yours truly had made a stupid mistake and it was causing some interesting issues… including highlighting some that had already been present but no one had noticed until now, all of which had to be fixed yesterday if not before. Cue stress induced quality work of the type not present in SGG’s life since college finals week when 4 papers, 5 tests and 2 projects all had to be finished in the span of a few days. Oh, the memories.
  • While on the phone trying to coordinate damage control, I heard a loud THUD as something fell into my cubicle right behind my chair, hitting the floor. After a loudly vocalized “Holy Crap!!” (I know, I need some better expressions that don’t make me sound 12) I discovered that the maintenance man who was changing light bulbs had dropped a (rather sturdy) ceiling tile, missing me by about a foot. I was already high on adrenaline from the work situation, and let me just tell you, this did not help one little bit.
  • My mother and I met at a local pizza/beer joint near her job to have lunch. She and I share something of an aversion to pork – I can’t eat it in any fried form without adverse consequences, and she doesn’t eat it at all. So when her spinach calzone turned out to be Canadian bacon instead, she sent it back with the understanding that a corrected version would be out shortly. Sure enough, in about 10 minutes the waiter cheerfully arrived, bearing a sausage calzone this time. My dear mother proceeded to bite his head off, causing him to look terrified and me to want to sink into the floor due to avoid the attention that her outburst afforded us. She ended up eating half of my lunch and getting her money back since we didn’t have time to wait on yet another order to be cooked. Incidents like that remind me how happy I am that I no longer work as a waitress. My job has its bad moments, but I don’t have random hungry women biting my head off for screwing up their lunch order.
  • Finally at the end of the day, I came home, walked my dog, and relaxed. I was completely exhausted, which led to the final crappy incident. After siting on my bed checking e-mail, Facebook and my blog feeds one last time before I went to sleep, I carefully laid my laptop on my nightstand, stood up, and proceeded to walk right through the power cord, pulling the computer off of the table and down onto the hardwood floor. It made a thud that quite rivaled the ceiling tile from earlier. Needless to say it is quite broken, no signs of life at all. Thankfully I paid extra for the super duper ‘you can do anything to this computer and we’ll happily repair it’ plan, so come Monday it will be winging its way to the Dell repair folks, free of charge. I spent a good 30 minutes on the phone earlier with a nice young man who talked me through some obvious diagnostic techniques (“Take out the battery. Does it work now? Ok, try a different wall socket. Does it work now? Hold down the power button and sing the national anthem while crossing your eyes. Anything? Well, I guess you’re right, it’s broken.”), it was the highlight of my Friday night.

Thankfully my Friday has been much more low key than my Thursday – the lack of a windows PC has forced me to focus on getting Bittorrent working on my Linux machine, which has been my plan for a while – I want to keep my media on that computer and use it as a server to my other machines and to my friends. Also, I finally heard back from the person who is going to be my new roommate after the current one moves out to get married – I met him through Facebook which is a little scary, but he knows people who know people I know (confused?), and we went to the same college, so it’s not like he’s a total stranger. Should be interesting!

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