Another mother issue

Show me a girl who doesn’t have problems with her mother and I’ll show you a girl who doesn’t have one.

The other day I met mom at a little downtown bistro near her work for lunch. I was a little irritated because I talked to her right before I left and we agreed on a time to meet, and then when I showed up she wasn’t there. I ended up calling her only to find out that she was running an errand which would take about 15 minutes. I understand that these things happen, but I wished she had called me before I showed up and walked to the bistro, if nothing else I could have stayed in my car and worked a little more on the Margaret Atwood novel I keep there for just these types of situations. Once we finally got to eat she got stressed about ordering because there was a line, picked something at random, and then spent the entire meal complaining that she didn’t like it. All little things, but they tend to set me on edge. She can get under my skin faster than anybody else on this planet (but God help the person who says anything bad about her in my hearing, that’s just how family is).

None of this compared to the bomb she dropped on me after lunch however. We walked back to my car, and she informed me that she had a crush on a man who lived in (large-ish southern city about 3 hours from mine), and she had reason to believe he might reciprocate, and began to list off a number of characteristics that made him sound very similar to my grandfather. Since we all know that girls are looking for the man who can measure up to their daddy (except me, I’d like to find the opposite, but I’m sure I’ll end up with a guy just like him in spite of myself), it sounded pretty serious to me. I asked her when I would get to meet this paragon who was due to become my stepfather, and she replied that she would have to wait until she was certain of his affections. Apparently, he is a few years younger than her, which puts him right smack into the appropriate range for yours truly!

I get ill just thinking about it. My life has truly turned into some sort of bad movie. Now we will end up fighting over the same man, never realizing that one of us has a different true love overlooked in plain sight somewhere. At the end of the movie we will have a lovely Christmas dinner together complete with crystal and candlelight, but it will be a rocky path getting to the point where the credits roll and the cheesy love song plays. GROSS!!!!!

If I have to be in a movie can I make it more like Serenity? Or Pride and Prejudice? You know, something cool and memorable, not the Family Stone or the one with Jennifer Aniston. Which one? Any of them.

Oh! I want to be Rose in Dr. Who! I will have marvelous adventures with a charming, mysterious, slightly dorky stranger, fall madly in love… maybe I’ll cut out the part where we get separated for all eternity, but other than that it’s fantastic!

And I would just like to take this moment to mention how happy having the wonderful Christopher Eccleston on Heroes has made me. For a while I was surviving on emo Milo Ventimiglia and his lovely bangs alone, but Chris makes me all kinds of warm and fuzzy.

Ok, I just totally cheered myself right out of my mother induced funk. I shall have to remember that for future reference. When feeling down, think about Dr. Who. I recommend it to everyone!


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