things, they are a changin’

I apologize for the high level of boringness in my last post. If you happened to find it interesting, and would like to apply for the job of managing my money for me and giving me a weekly allowance to cover lunches out and new shoes, just drop me a line. For the rest of you, I’ll try not to let it happen again. Now on to the real reason for this post….

I propose a new law. I believe customs like this existed in times past, though I have no idea if they actually existed in legal code anywhere. I propose that no younger sibling be allowed to get married or have children until the older one has done so. That’s it. Simple, easy to follow, and totally causes the younger sibling to have a reason to get the older one happily married off Taming of the Shrew style.

What caused this sudden epiphany you ask? You guessed it, the little brother is having a baby. The little brother who is barely old enough to drink and has already been married for over 2 years. I had come to terms with this, mostly because they didn’t have a big wedding thing where I had to play the part of the unmarried big sister, they just went to the JP without inviting any of the family. Plus, at the time I was with a lovely (I thought) young man who would turn out to be my fiance, so I wasn’t all that jealous, just a bit worried about him doing something that serious so young. Fast forward a couple of years, the fiance and I have split, we are coming up on the time that my master life plan had allotted for the starting of a family, I am single looking for guys online, and he is picking names from the baby book.

He told me in strictest confidence (it’s still early days, they haven’t even been to the doctor for an official pregnancy test yet), but I know you won’t tell my mother. If you do, I will hunt you down. Her feelings on becoming a grandmother approximate mine on becoming an aunt. In return I confided to him that I am trying to find a guy on the internet, which he seemed ok with. He gave me some obvious advice about being careful, and mentioned that Dr. Phil is all for it. I despise Dr. Phil. That right there should tell you all you need to know about my relationship with my brother.

I really am happy for him, and my sister-in-law is actually a little older (she’s a few months older than me), so I know at least she is ready. However, the order of precedence has not been followed, and I am not ok with that. NOT AT ALL. The freakishly large number of happy couples having babies at my job was bad enough, I didn’t need this on top of it. I’m going to write my own valentine’s day card. ‘Not only am I the crazy cat lady, I’m the spinster aunt too.’ It will have a picture of me with my cat, staring mournfully at the happy couple and their fat baby. And it will be fat, my brother was a chubby butterball thing.

Sigh. I need to meditate on Henry again.


1 Response to “things, they are a changin’”

  1. February 6, 2007 at 10:30 pm

    I”m a spinster aunt too. Unite!

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