Hello world!

Hi. I’m southern, geeky, and a girl, as you probably surmised from the title. I’ve been in the blogosphere for a while, mostly in the form of a live journal that I use to keep in touch with college friends, but this is something a little different…

I’ve been doing some research on the subject of online dating lately. And yes, it’s for the reason you think. It’s been over six months since I went out with anyone (and a year since my engagement to my college boyfriend fell through), and he turned out to be even more dudly than your normal dud. In college it was easy to meet people your own age and who were interested in similar things, they were called classmates. But my life right now consists of family, the same friends I’ve had for years, and work. And let me tell you, even though I work in an industry that is 75% male, pickings are slim. I’m sorry, I’m just not interested in the 40 year old graying database administrator that has to constantly let everyone know how much smarter he he is than them, and always makes a (kind of creepy) point of telling me I look nice, or noticing when I work late. No. Just. No. (And I wouldn’t care about the graying, but I can’t stand the know it all thing. Plus he’s kind of a redneck, and hello, have you met me? Not ever gonna happen!)

So a few weeks ago I indulged in a little Yahoo! exploration with little to no result, except for a match with a coworker who I haven’t seen face to face since, and I have no idea if he realized that I was out there and that according to yahoo we are a great fit… I sent him an inconsequential e-mail about a work matter the other day, and I couldn’t detect anything in the reply that would lead me to believe he was aware of what happened… so I still don’t know if he is aware. Probably yes. Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen him around the office.

The main reason I am not interested in him is that he put he is looking for slender-to-average on his profile, which is all well and good, but I would describe myself as more voluptuous than anything else. And it pisses me off when people are so obsessed with body type, because seriously, if you get married it’s going to change anyway. People are not going to look the same in their 40’s-50’s as they do right now, and anyone can become beautiful to you once you fall in love with the actual person. It’s happened to me more than once. I am a smart, funny, pretty, well-educated professional woman with a sense of adventure who can cook, sew, camp, hike 10 miles and fix your computer. All at the same time. Uphill in the snow. It’s just too bad for you if you miss out on that because you can’t handle a few extra pounds. (And I do mean a few. Just because I’ll never fit into a size 2 anything… )

Anyway, after the coworker thing happened I talked myself completely out of the online dating scene because I was too afraid that somebody I actually knew in ‘real life’ (or first life, if you will) would see me. What changed my mind was this article, and reading this blog. And from what I hear, since most men are much less self conscious than most women and are much more willing to put themselves out there in internetland, the ratio is highly in my favor.

So, in this blog I will post anecdotes about my online dating experiences, as well as any sort of geeky fun thing I might happen to feel like writing about. Here we go!


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